Hours D'Oeuvres


COLD-$24.95 per dozen

OPTION 1: Artichokes crowned with curried crab.

OPTION 2: Prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

OPTION 3: Blackened chicken tenders on a skewer served with a mango salsa.

OPTION 4: Medallions of asparagus and herbed creamed cheese crepes.

OPTION 5: Sundried tomato stuffed with chevre cheese.

OPTION 6: Marinated mussels served on the half shell.

OPTION 7: Medallions of lobster on Paris toast .

OPTION 8: Mushroom caps stuffed with chevre cheese and olives.

OPTION 9: Melon or papaya wrapped asparagus.

OPTION 10: Smoked salmon and cream cheese on a pumpernickel coin.

OPTION 11: Traditional steamed jumbo shrimp with our own cocktail sauce.

OPTION 12: Sushi with wasabi, pickled ginger and soya sauce.

OPTION 13: Smoked chicken on Paris toast topped with mango chutney.